jaden-newI would like to introduce myself my name is Jaden Turner and I am known as the Queen of QA. I began in the industry in test on the Windows 95 team and while I was working 100 hour work weeks my son very young son came to work with me. We decided to let him test games like Doom and Heretic and many others while I was working he was so good he found 11 Showstopper bugs and even learned to write them in up the RAID bug reporting tool. That began my passion for Quality Assurance and from that point on I took every job in cutting edge technology and start-up – ones most were afraid to take on the challenge or thought it would take years to understand the technology and quickly feel the were able to completely feel secure about releases. I virtually have no fear and seek out the most challenging and cutting edge technologies long before most ever heard of them and before they have become the standards of which most today think of as second nature – many still have yet to be introduced.

I have run my own successful consulting business called QUIKER (Quality Utilizng Intelligent Knowledgeable Enginering Resources) since 2001.

I was able with a team of three to go into every hot start-up and in less than six months grasp their technology and completely build a professional QA department that included a complete lab – integrated web based bug reporting and build system – complex automation for at least 70% of the work – complete automated documentation included monthly – weekly – daily status reports on an internal QA website – and never missed a release deadline even when development repeatedly missed their deadlines to hand off to us.

I am passionate with boundless energy and believe so much in what I do that I end up making the QA team the favorite in the company and have an outgoing nature which is, unusual but works to my advantage. I like to have fun at my job and have a great sense of humor and find unusual ways to get development to reach their goals if needed. I can also sit down and write 300 test scripts in two days and I’ve been referred to as a machine. I get the job done and I have learned over the years to adjust my style to deal with difficult situations with creativity while still reaching the goal.

As a manager I’ve managed up to 200 hundred at once and as few as three. Additionally, I built two offshore teams simultaneously from student right out of software testing school. They were eager to learn I would get up at 3am and train them remotely on how to write automation using different tools like Seleinium and jMeter – in less than a year this junior level testers became senior SDET’s and two of them have gone on less than four years to start their own QA consulting businesses.

Please see my linkedin profile and read my posts including my daily ones to see my sense of humor and how I promote the importance of QA daily. I have 3900+ connections with fan clubs because of my attitude and willingness so share ideas – positive attitude – humor – knowledge and support everyone especially beginners. Please also see my hundreds of endorsements – 16 recommendations – certifications – volunteer projects and join one of my groups. My groups are Quiker Quality Assurance – Agile Automated and Deviceful Mobile Apps. Also, last year I was recognized by Microsoft as one of top female pioneers in hardware and software in the last decade – and I have no plans on slowing down.

I have a team of 8 people who are the top QA leaders in America, France and Canada, called the QA Conspirators. This team provides unpaid independent reviews of new startups and mobile apps to increase the awareness of quality assurance in new businesses. I’ve written several posts that are on my profile, here are four examples “The Future of the Mobile App Market”, “Security Testing Critical for 2015″, “SQUASH Synchronizing Quality Using Sprint Agile Hiatus” and “Social Media Can Kill Your Company”.